Analyze your trading system.!

Analyze your account with our advanced trade analysis and understand your trading habits, inside out. Forget about spreadsheets, or any manual calculations yout're used to. Let us do math - not only your account will be analyzed automatically without your intervention, but yout'll have more time to trade.

Use our innovative dashboard to stay up to date with the markets.

We’ve combined what we think is the most important information each trader should learn before starting his trading session, in one single dashboard – Markets status, top news, and economic events calendar. Additionally, you can see what are the recent discussions in the community, and how are other systems yout’re watching performing.

Follow other traders to improve your trading skills.

Yout’re just starting to learn how to trade forex? Start learning from successful traders. Track their public systems, discuss with them, and expand your trading knowledge.

Become a freelance writer

Start earning as a freelance writer with Writology

  • Set your own price list
  • No editors cutting your salary
  • Free plagiarism detector
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Verify trading results.
  • Before paying to a signal provider, buying a trading system, or letting a trader trade your hard earned money, ask them to audit his trading results through us. Once audited, you can be sure what yout’re paying for.
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